Diego Pablo López Ramiro. Real Estate Administrator. Qualified Insurance´s Mediator. Labour Risk´s Prevention.
Judicial district: Castuera.

Sevices: Official letters, writs and exhort´s applications. Proceedural representation in the courts. Publication of edicts and annoucements in BOE, BOP and the press. Management in property registers and commerce registers. Finding of solvencies.
The office counts on the necessary telematic means to offer punctually all the information on files, instalments,etc.
Real estate administration: Legal advice on legislation and real estate regulations. Statutes, leasing conflicts, buying and selling, etc. Real estate administration. Renting. Buying and selling. Valuations. Appraisals.
Insurances: Life, retirement, savings, medical assistance. Home insurances.
Constitución, 9  - 06420 CASTUERA (Badajoz) - Tel. 924 761 461 - Fax 924 760 155 - Móvil 677 500 395
Horario: lunes a viernes de 9h. a 14h. y de 17h. a 20h.